We believe that fashion should be functional.


Are you running late to college?
Do you have a client meeting?
Or may be an after party?

We understand that your life requires you to move.  

That is why… what you wear should let you work.

Know that feeling when you just want to be lazy after a busy day?

That is how we define comfort. 

We pick our fabrics with care to ensure that you are relaxed!

Skinny. Chubby. Fair. Dark.
You are perfect! 

Feel fabulous in your skin because there isn’t one definition of beauty.
That is also why we don’t confine to just one fit or look. 

From solid colors to some amazing prints, we know that you want to be spoilt with choices.

Because when you choose, you Shine!


15 Day Money Back

The size you ordered doesn’t fit you? No worries! We will replace it for free. You need not even pay for the shipping charges on your replacement orders.

Free shipping across India

We have no minimum charges for free shipping. All orders comes with free shipping and handling.